Health Checks

Regular health checks can be your early warning system for a range of ailments or diseases, and therefore a very wise investment in your future well being.

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More and more people are arranging health checks with us, and for good reason. Regular health checks can be your early warning system for a range of ailments or diseases, and therefore a very wise investment in your future wellbeing. Our health checks are designed to provide you with insightful information that you can take away and use to improve your health. These checks will give our healthcare professionals the information they need to recommend further assessment or treatment if required.

What is a Health Screening Programme?

Here at the North West Independent Hospital, we offer a range of health checks as part of our health screening programme, and each can be tailored to suit your individual needs. Whether you would like to arrange blood tests, a baseline health check or a health check that is personalised to any specific health concerns you may have, our team of professionals is available to assist. Our screening checks are a great starting point for improving your general health and wellbeing, and resolving any issues our screening programme discovers.

What Does a Baseline Health Check Include?

A baseline health check can give you a good overall picture of your health, and really help you to make improvements to your lifestyle, or to seek further treatment or investigation.

We offer a number of checks as part of our baseline screening, including:

  • A health questionnaire
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Height, weight and body mass index data
  • Hearing and vision tests
  • Urine tests for sugars and proteins
  • Lung function tests
  • Standard mobility and agility testing
  • We can also arrange additional clinical testing such as alcohol and drug screening

Flexible Health Checks Tailored to Your Needs

Our health screening programme is designed to provide patients with maximum flexibility and choice. We are constantly looking to enhance our programmes with the latest innovations in testing and investigative procedures. Our goal is to ensure the most accurate diagnosis in order to deliver apt treatments and achieve more positive patient outcomes.

Our consultations include, but are not limited to: baseline investigations, male and female blood profiles, resting ECGs, exercise stress testing, cervical screening and prostate screening. We can tailor our services to your specific needs and will provide you with a full written report following your screening.

Arrange Your Health Screening Today with Our Experts

Whether you have a specific reason for needing a health check, or you would just like to get some insight into your current state of health, we can help. We offer a wide range of standard health checks, and can design a programme to suit your needs. We will give you personalised advice on how to improve your health from this point onwards or make recommendations for further checks and treatments as necessary. It all starts with one phone call and it could be one of the best calls you ever make.