Breast Reduction

Large breasts can be a source of major embarrassment. As well as the difficulty in finding clothes that fit.

Who is it for?

Women with large, heavy breasts may experience health concerns relating to their breasts e.g. back pain, neck pain, skin irritation. Large breasts can be a source of major embarrassment. As well as the difficulty in finding clothes that fit and look elegant they tend to inhibit active sports and woman trying to lose weight are inhibited by the size of their breasts.

Breast reduction surgery can minimise or eliminate these problems.

How is the surgery performed?

This procedure is performed under general anaesthetic. During the procedure the Surgeon makes incisions so that scars form around the aerola and vertically below the aerola, designed so that the scarring will not be visible while wearing normal clothing.

Excess tissue and skin is removed proportionally from each breast and the nipple and aerola repositioned. Drains are frequently inserted into each breast at the time of surgery and removed prior to your discharge from hospital.

The operation takes approximately 2 1/2 – 3 hours and involves an overnight stay in hospital.

Dressings and sutures, if not soluble are removed one week after surgery.

Does the operation hurt?

Fortunately, although the incision for this surgery is quite large, it is placed in areas of the breast which are not too sensitive. Also, due to the fact that the nerves to the breast skin have been stretched out by the weight of the breasts over a long time, the skin is less sensitive. Therefore, pain after the surgery is surprisingly low and usually easily tolerated with a few painkillers.

How safe is the surgery?

All surgery carries potential risks, however serious complications in this surgery are quite rare.

It is very important to work with your Surgeon and follow all instructions in order to minimise the risks involved.

After Surgery

Immediately after the surgery the breasts will be swollen and it may take a few months for the swelling to settle and for the breasts to adopt their final size and shape. Most normal activites can be resumed within a few weeks.

There are certain restrictions after surgery to allow everything the chance to heal up properly. Your Surgeon will discuss these further with you at consultation