Breast Augmentation

Many women are unhappy with the size or shape of their breasts.

Breast Augmentation in Northern Ireland (90mins from Belfast).

Many women are unhappy with the size or shape of their breasts. An out of proportion bust can result in some women feeling embarrassed, depressed or unfeminine. All women have their own ideas on size, but most women would agree that a beautiful bustline should look natural, firm, full and uplifted. Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedures.

Who is a Candidate for Breast Implants in Northern Ireland?

Women who have never developed to the size they desired in the first place, and women who at one time had more breast tissue, but then lost size through weight loss or pregnancy. Most women do not seek very large implants, but rather just enough to increase the size to better fit into available clothing styles.

How can a woman decide which size implants she wants?

Breast Augmentation
Through a thorough discussion between herself and the Surgeon the correct size of implant can be determined. It is helpful if the woman has formed an idea beforehand of the size she would like to be.

How is the surgery performed?

Most frequently a small incision under the breast is made, sliding the prosthesis into place under existing breast tissue and positioning it. The operation takes approximately one hour, is performed under general anesthetic and involves an overnight stay in the hospital. Dressings and sutures, if not soluble, are removed one week after the cosmetic surgery.

Silicone Implants

In recent years there has been much debate concerning the safety of these types of breast implants in Northern Ireland. However, results of major studies have confirmed that breast cancer does not occur more often in women with breast implants than women without them. To date, to our knowledge there is no scientific evidence that silicone has any detrimental effect on the body. Most people are surprised to learn that we all have silicone in our bodies. It can be found in our lymph glands and our immune system. Moreover, there are hundreds of implanted medical devices made of silicone, e.g. pacemakers, artificial joints.


Generally after breast augmentation surgery the breasts are not painful, but may feel tight with the increase in size. Immediately after the operation the breasts will be larger and firmer than they will be ultimately. This is due to swelling of the breast tissue. By 1-2 weeks after surgery the breasts should be softening, but it can take up to 6 months for all the swelling to resolve. Patients are asked to wear a well fitting support bra day and night for 6 weeks after surgery. Sporting activity has to be restricted after the operation for at least 4 weeks. No driving for one week after the operation and you should only drive if absolutely necessary the following week.

Can women breast feed after augmentation?

Yes. There is no evidence that silicone from an implant enters the breast milk in any significant amounts even after breast implants in Northern Ireland.

What about mammograms after breast augmentation N. Ireland?

A woman with implants should follow the same breast care guidelines as a woman without implants. As the implants are surgically inserted behind all the breast tissue mammograms can still be performed as no breast tissue is concealed, either on self or clinical examination for breast lumps.