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Ultrasound Imaging for Safe and Effective Diagnosis

Here at the North West Independent Hospital, we offer a wide range of ultrasound imaging services to our patients. This type of diagnostic imaging is very common, and uses high-frequency sound waves to generate interior images of the body. We might use ultrasound to view muscles or tendons, the heart or the uterus during pregnancy, and will tailor our service to suit your exact needs. This highly effective and safe procedure has no known side effects, and is one of the best diagnostic procedures available to medical teams today.

State of the Art Imaging Services and Expert Diagnosis

We are proud to offer our patients a comprehensive range of ultrasound investigations under the expert care of our fully trained and experienced ultrasound technicians and consultants. This painless test can be used as an effective imaging device and allows us to get a clear idea of what is happening inside your body. We can then refer you for treatment or further investigation if necessary.

We use ultrasound for a number of investigations, including:

  • Heart-An echocardiogram is a specialised ultrasound scan of the heart which gives us a range of information about the size, function and pressures of the heart, as well as information regarding the heart valves.
  • Prostate-We may use ultrasound to examine the prostate gland. This can help us to identify abnormal growths and whether or not the prostate is enlarged. Ultrasound can also be used to check for any abnormalities of the testes.
  • Uterus, ovaries and breasts-We can use ultrasound to look within the breast to identify any suspicious lumps, and to examine the uterus and ovaries for abnormalities.
  • Other organs-Ultrasound can also be used to help identify tumours, cysts and gallstones in organs such as the gall bladder, liver, kidneys, pancreas and bladder.
  • Pregnancy-Ultrasound is most commonly associated with pregnancy investigations, and we can use this technique to look at the foetus during the early stages of pregnancy. In doing so, we can assess the age, position and health of the baby, and the amount of amniotic fluid in the womb.
  • Musculo-skeletal-We can use ultrasound to diagnose tears in muscles and tendons, look at bleeding or fluid in muscles and joints and examine ligaments and soft tissue.

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Here at the North West Independent Hospital, we take great pride in our range of treatments and procedures, and our professional approach to patient care. We would be delighted to tell you more about our ultrasound procedures, and the important part they can play in your wellbeing and health. Ultrasound is safe, effective and just one of the many services we have to offer.

Speak to our friendly and helpful team today to find out more about ultrasound services and to book a convenient appointment. Call us now on 028 7776 3090, or use our contact form to get in touch.