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Full Range of Psychiatric Assessments and Treatments

Here at the North West Independent Hospital, our Consultant Psychiatrists specialise in the assessment and treatment of a full range of psychiatric disorders.

Thanks to the expertise of our health care professionals, we are able to offer an extensive range of psychiatric and psychological services for our patients in an outpatient setting. Our treatments are offered to patients of all ages and include a full and thorough assessment before treatment begins.

As you would expect, our service is completely confidential at all times, and all treatment is carried out in a discreet and private setting. Whether you are suffering from a phobia or depression, you can rest assured that you will receive targeted care that is individualised and compassionate. No two patients are the same, and we will always carry out a personal assessment so that we can carefully choose the right treatment to suit your needs.

Our Consultant Psychiatrists offer treatment for the following issues:

  • Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Panic Disorder
  • Agoraphobias
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Depression
  • Bipolar Affective Disorder
  • Body Dysmorphic Disorder
  • Eating Disorder
  • Sleep Disorder
  • Addiction – drugs, alcohol and gambling
  • Psychological, Counselling and Medication treatments are available.

Many patients ask us how long their treatment will last. The answer is that every patient is different, and treatment times will, therefore, differ too. We will devise a personalised care package that suits your needs, and we offer a wide range of therapies that are delivered by professionals in their field.

Confidential, Discreet Treatments and Convenient Appointments

At the North West Independent Hospital, we aim to stay on the forefront of psychiatric treatments and medicine, and we are extending our expertise all the time. We can also arrange counselling, medication and psychological treatments as necessary, and your consultant will discuss the available options with you at your first appointment with us.

Arrange Your Assessment with Our Experts

The most important thing for our patients is that they feel comfortable in our setting and with our treatments so that they have the best recovery outcomes. Our Consultants work closely together and liaise with each other regularly to ensure care across the hospital is delivered in a consistent manner. By sharing our knowledge and expertise between teams, we can offer you the highest standard in care at all times.

The sooner you seek treatment, the sooner we can get started on helping you with your recovery journey. Our psychiatric team has years of experience in dealing with a wide variety of disorders and conditions, and will give you the help you need to overcome the difficulties you are facing in life right now.

Arrange your assessment with our experts today, or speak to our team to find out more about the many psychiatry services we have to offer. Call us now on 028 7776 3090, or use our contact form to get in touch.