Paying for Treatment

Your options for paying for treatments or procedures at NWIH

How to pay for your Treatment


Option 1: Private Medical Insurance

The Hospital has agreements with all major health insurance companies, including BUPA , Aviva PPP, WPA, VHI and Quinn Healthcare.

We advise you to contact your insurance company beforehand to inform them of your admission date, the procedure code (allocated by our Admissions Clerks) and your named Consultant and to check that the cost of your procedure will be covered by your individual policy. Your insurance company will then issue you with an authorisation code or send out a claim form which must be completed and signed by your Consultant at the time of your admission.

This should enable the Hospital’s financial account, and those of the Consultants (including Anaesthetist where appropriate), to be settled directly by the insurer.

Option 2: Fixed Price Surgery Scheme

We operate a Fixed Price Surgery Scheme for self-funding patients

Under our Fixed Price Surgery Scheme, treatment is provided at a guaranteed fixed price. This price includes all Hospital, Surgeon and Anaesthetist fees and is fixed irrespective of the length of stay in Hospital, providing the extension to your length of stay relates to your original admission.

Payment must be made in full by credit or debit card/banker’s draft/cash at the time of admission (personal cheques are not accepted). However, for all cosmetic surgery procedures a deposit of £500 must be paid at least ten working days prior to the date of your procedure.

Further information about our Fixed Price Surgery Scheme may be obtained from our Admissions Office.

Option 3: Non-Fixed Price Treatment

If your treatment is to be paid for directly by a Sports Club or other organisation, e.g. Solicitor, full payment must be received at least ten working days prior to the date of your procedure.

If your procedure is to be paid for directly by an employer or other organisation, you must obtain a letter of authority accepting full liability for the cost of the treatment.

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